Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BH Cosmetics Roll-up Brush Case

For a long time I've wanted a (fake)leather brush roll to hold my brushes while travelling, but always got discouraged by how much they costed. I suck big time at handiwork so sewing my own was out of the question.
Getting to know BH Cosmetics solved this problem of mine tho. 

I have some reviews up already (here, here and here) and I'm confident to say that BH Cosmetics are in general quite good and cheap at the same time. (The not so good ones I haven't reviewed yet)

To get to the point: I got my first brush roll from BH Cosmetics and I like it! 
While mine is red - there was some kind of sale going on with red brush rolls - the black is still available.

It is totally the same, only the color is different.

Description: "If you're looking for a way to glam-up your makeup brushes, you've come to the right place! Our faux-leather, roll-up makeup brush case, in bold black, is stunning and practical for all makeup users and professionals. This case can keep 15 of our individual makeup brushes clean and safe as you travel! "

Sorry for the lousy background! Anyway, there are 15 pockets -bigger and smaller ones- to hold your brushes, but you can easily store more insides, since the smaller pockets are big enough to hold two of your thin-handle eye brushes. The bigger ones are big enough to fit in the thickest powder/kabuki brushes. And if it's still not enough, there's an extra pocked closed with zip. 

I really like that I can pack my brushes and carry them safely when travelling or going somewhere. The brush roll weighs not much and retail price is USD 8.95, which is like Whoa~
Not to mention that BH Cosmetics has sales regularly, so you can grab one for even half price too!

Definitely recommended! ^.^ 
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