Thursday, October 7, 2010

Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Oligo-Thermal Gel Intense Moisturisation [HG]

Tested in extreme climatic conditions, this innovative moisturising gel-textured formula quenches your skin and provides 24 hours of non stop hydration.
All the benefits of 5,000 litres of spa water concentrated in a single jar.
Enriched with the innovative hydra Non Stop complex, that deeply hydrates by locking moisture into the skin, preventing the loss of water.
The fresh texture and the aquatic scent and the formula provide vitality, freshness and hydration that lasts all day long. Intensely moisturised, skin feels fresh, supple and glows with health.

- Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton
- Trace elements
- Biolipidis
- Essential amino acids (serine and citruline)
- Nourishing agents (apricot kernel oil, shea butter)

A while ago the lovely Jacqueline gave me sachets of Biotherm's Aquasorce products and now I'm hooked on it! Why is that whatever she gives me I happen to love? Like such dark colored lipsticks I'd never consider trying.....looks good on me?!?!

The testers were:
Biosource hydra mineral cleansing toning mousse: the amount was enough for 2 or 3 uses, I don't remember, and worked well, even tho it's for normal/combination skin and I have dry =D
Biosource hydra-mineral lotion toning water: it was enough for 2 uses. Didn't leave a greasy residue nor dried my skin. But to make a proper statement I'd need to buy the full size and see if it works the long run too.
Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Oligo-Thermal Gel Intense Moisturisation: Love it to pieces! Had to buy the full size HAHA

The texture is indeed gel and it just feels so good! Moisturizes perfectly even though it's for normal/combination skin type. My dry skin loves it, and it wasn't tooooo much during summer's heat either when I started to use it!^^

It absorbes fast and makes my skin feel super smooth. Sometimes I have a hard time to stop myself touching my face XD

Definitely my new HG moisturizer!
However, I don't like spending USD44 on it, but it's just sooo good >.<
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