Monday, October 26, 2009

Kevin Beautymaker Magic Foundation Pen

I have a lot of reviews I should write up finally, I'm so behind on myself...I'll try to be a good girl!
Forgot to show you swatches of the lippies I got from Jacqueline, so here they are:

The lighting is horrible (as always) and this is the closest I could do to show the actual colors. Nice, aren'T they? Colors in order: Maquillage Crayon (-something, my Japanese reading skills left me) RS379, Maquillage Neo Ceramic(?) Slip BE352, MAC Lipglass: Be seen, Spirited, MAC Lustreglass Flashmode

And here is the main point of this post. Kevin Beautymaker Magic Foundation Pen (Ivory). Bought it from Yinnie, she had two and it was too fair for her, so I clamped my little hands on one. Finally I own a Beautymaker product!!! How cool is that? Wanted to try something from this brand, but it's expensive to get it from overseas sellers! @_@

She generously included two nail polishes too! Both BarryM Nail Paints (Vivid purple and Coral) I was afraid of the purple as I don't wear dark colors, but I fell in love with it and am learning how to apply dark nail polishes. Dun wanna look lame =.=

Oops, crappy photo skills rulez.
The pen is a nice black glass-like plastic, except the cap and the bottom that you switch.
After the first uses I noticed the cap does not closes properly, there's always a little gap left, but I have to pull to take off the cap and I haven't seen any drying out, whatsoever.

Since this is a pen, you have to twist the bottom to the get the foundation come out on the bristles (which are synthetic). At first use it was like: click-click-click-click-click-nothing-click-click-oops! Immediately came out an amount that enough for my face and there's still a little for my neck too! Anyway, it's always like this. I bought this with the purpose of using it for touch-ups, but I found out I don't have any foundation that matches good enough this shade to use them together.
This pen holds only 4.5g of foundation, so I have to cherish it....and find a matching foundation LOL

What it claims: Silky and lightweight, our hyper hydrating foundation leaves skin glowing with a healthy and translucent finish. The special designed pen and brush applicator allow perfect, precise, targeted application.

Hyper hydrating? Dare to say it? I'd say yes, it is hydrating!!! Quite well! A+
Healthy and translucent finish? Oh, I do like the glowy and natural look it give while covering! ^.^ A+
Perfect, precise application? Nooo~ Not with that lousy brush-like something! There's no way you can blend with it streaklessly! Use a proper foundation brush! I think if the needed amount (=tiny bit) were to come out of the tube it would be useful tho~ F

Here is the color.
With flash:

The color is Ivory. I was sceptical if it would fit's a brand for Asian women, isn't it? But my love for Asian makeup proved to be valid! It blends effortlessly and there's no sign of misfitting! LOVE! ♥
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