Monday, November 8, 2010

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited & reason for lack of photos

I happened to score a Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited on ebay for cheap. It came from Canada and I was worried because their postal system is famous for losing packages, but thankfully I received it safely and relatively safe. Last year I showed the first Shu lippie I had, Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine. This time I present you the "plain" Rouge Unlimited line through the color BG904.

This time I did take proper photos! =)
BTW, lately I wasn't able to take photos as much as I wanted. The reason is on weekdays I wake up too early to have any lighting and by the time I arrive home form work it's already dark. That leaves weekends for photos. And half of my weekends I spend at home (I mean home home, with my Mom) and that meanss no photos.
Since I don't want to fall even more behind with reviews, I am (and probably will) post less photos taken by myself. Except cases when I did have the time and willpower to now! LOL

Description: Breaking all boundaries in color creation. High-tech, high-pigment lipstick for unlimited color variation and colors. Achieve the truest color payoff with rich texture and ultra-smooth application. Enjoy up to 8 hours of moisture and color.

The color is gourgeous, a nude beige with pinkish tones. It was quite hard to catch it on pics as it didn't want to appear at all.
Indeed nude, right?

Does it have shimmer? Well, it does give a nice silvery shine, so there must be some kind of shimmer in it, but it's so small I can barely see it.
The texture is creamy and doesn't dry out lips, nor sits into lines. However, it still disappears fast. With Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine a half hour was terribly fast, with Rouge Unlimited it' 1-1,5 hours it depends on you eating/drinking or not. That's way better. Since I don't like long lasting lipsticks (because they are drying and wear out in a disgusting way) I will have to stick to reapplying every now and then.

Crystal Shine was glossy while Rouge Unlimited is creamy. Also it leaves lips feeling moistured.

Retail price is USD23. Now, what if I said I bought mine for $10 in an auction? Including shipping? Much better, right? Personally, for the original price I wouldn't buy it, but for 10 bucks? Of course I'm on it! =]

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