Monday, February 28, 2011

Short update

I haven't posted ages and it's 100% due to work. Year end closure and tenders with 200+ applicants are no fun....especially when you're alone and everyone else works in pairs but you.
Sleep deprivation is unavoidable. I never believed in such things, but trust me, if you go home 6-7 pm every day, sometimes 9-10 pm for two weeks in a row, and then you have to cook for the next few days, you're going to look like a walking corpse. To kill some stress, this weekend I started to watch Naruto again, and I have to tell you......I went insane and wanted to smash my table into pieces whenever I saw Sai's face. Physically. Really. [Yes, I'm only at those early Shippuuden episodes where Sai even Sora got into the picture too]
For almost a week now I have a new collegue, who isn't new actually, he did this before, but now it's like I'm nursing a newborn baby and I have to explain every single thing. Kinda friggin disturbing when he was supposed to be my superior and make my workload less by sharing cases.....yet it's more like I'm checking out everything he does......that means the same amount of work, topped with the fact that part of it was done by someone else whose mistakes I have to correct before the case leaves our hands.
Well, enough of my rants....I just wanted to write this out and say that I'm definitely going to post again....just let this crazy time end and give me a gooood long rest! =)
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