Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stars Makeup Haven

2 posts in a week! What the hell?!??!? XD

Like billion years ago I won a giveaway on The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself aka TNBTGSY by Karlasugar, back in the days when not 2153461435614354 comments competed for the giveaway prize.

Back then my prize was 2 shadows of my own choice from the bunch she swatched for TNBTGSY. No. Wait. We had to write something about the colors, and based on these comments were the winners chosen. Sadly I don't remember what the topic was. #_# 
The brand is Stars Makeup Haven

From left to right: Carnal Knowledge, Guilty a Sin, Rush Hour and Call a Treuse.

I bought two of the above shadows on my own, and these are Carnal Knowledge and Guilty as Sin.
All the colors (except Call a Treuse) are frosty, while Call a Treuse is a matte finish.

Carnal Knowledge is a nice neutral light brown/beige color, reminds me of cappucino or cafe au lait, however on the hand swatches below it looks kinda golden-ish @_@
Guilty as Sin is a mixture of baby and strawberry pink and is one of my favourite of the four.

LOL Sorry for the crappy photos! So blurry....

Rush hour is a beautiful light color. Even tho it looks mostly white on the pics, it has a minty green hue to it. My other favourite from the bunch.
Call a Treuse is the only matte finish color, and is an exciting toxic green color. Not one you can use everyday and without care of coordinating your look and outfit.

The pans came in these plastic holders, so they are basicly depotted (but if they never had a case they cannot be called depotted, right?...o.O) and you can put them into empty palettes. Now the single shadows have their own black plastic cases, with a star drawn on the lid, back in 2009 they seem to have no fancy packaging....
Do they fit MAC palettes? I'm not sure, but SMH sells empty palettes which fit MAC, SMH, UD, e.l.f. and God knows what, with a 26mm size for each shadow, so I think you can put these into your MAC palette if you have one.

The ingredients....yeah, parabens...


After about 3 or 4 hours they crease (note that I have super oily eyelids), but over a good primer, like Etude House they stay on fine.
Color payoff? I'd say decent!

Would I buy more? I'm not sure, at the moment, no. But in the future, it's possible, they are cheap and good quality.
Right now I'm more interested in the empty palettes (especially the freestyle ones)...
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