Thursday, December 9, 2010

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

It's high time to do this review, mostly because this product is included in my Christmas giveaway (here).

I've been drooling over this eye primer for a long time, but never took the chance to buy the overpriced ones on ebay. Gmarket would be a good choice too to get Korean makeup, but the shipping fees make it less lovely. Then I wanted to CP, and life always interrupted and I kept on cancelling my CPs.
In the end, I was so fed up with creasing eyeshadows, that I told myself, costing it whatever I must have Etude House's eye primer.

UDPP is just way too expensive, TFSI is not that sympathetic for me and the mineral eye primer by e.l.f. would cost about the same as Etude House shipped here. And while Etude House is Korean, e.l.f. is not....and I prefer Asian brands.

The seller I got mine from is reallyhappyidea on ebay. I do write his name, because he's an awesome seller! to buying I didn't know Korean products has the manufacturing date on the packaging and the expiry date (shame on me!) and when I received my eye primer and opened its box and saw the date printed on it, I immediately contacted the seller about him selling expired goods.
The weird bubbles on the plastic tube weren't any help either.
The seller kindly explained me that Korean brands print the date of  manufacturing and not expiry on their products, so I have a fairly new product. In addition, he offered me a replacement, because the texture of the primer looked weird (you'll see below).
I could keep my original eyeprimer and the replacement too!
Now, this is what I call a really good and generous seller, who wans to gain AND keep customers. It wasn't neccessary to do what he did, yet he gave me another one for free!

This replacement, I received later is the one the winner of the giveaway will get along with many other stuffs!^^
(On a side note, I did opened the box of it to see if the replacement had the same bubbles and such. And it had! HAHA Guess that's how it's supposed to look like. I did not opened the primer and even closed the box with sticky tape^^)

See? Good it's a clear plastic bottle and you can actually see what and how much is inside!^^

Even tho Kimoko, a good blogger friend of mine said she never experienced bubbles with her own Proof 10 eye primer (see her review here) the creamy texture (which I found too thick at first) was normal.

The sponge-ended wand is flexible enough to wiggle around in the bottle, because the 10ml of primer is not much and moves around in the bottle. Usually sticks to the sides and not much gets on the sponge applicator, thus your eyelids. When you wiggle it around, you can see how the cream moves arond, leaving 'windows' on the plastic walls and that always freaks me out, because it looks like the bottle is half empty! X_X
You just have to work it around and you're good to go!

I didn't take photos of primed/unprimed swatches, many other bloggers had done so. My favourites are redberried's comparison post (here, featuring UDPP, Etude House and TFSI) and Jing's before-after review (here).

Highly recommended to read!

Everything they said is true, the eyeshadows really look like that after 10-12 hours of wear. I usually go to vibro-training with full makeup on, and the only that remains untouched and unfaded on me after heavy sweating is my eyeshadow! LOL It's gross, but the sweating drops even from my lashes too, it's such an intense training.

Proof 10 Eye Primer is really badass at being water- and sweatproof. Also, 12+ hours of keeping away fading and creasing is easy-peasy! 24 hours is no big deal either. Tried it =)

The only area I don't like using it is my lower lashline. My eyes are oily and watery and eventually there will be some smudging under my tear ducts, but it's the smaller problem. Since I have finelines right under my eyes, this primer kinda accentuates them when I apply it low enough and the eyeshadow I put on doesn't cover all the primed area. Then it looks like dried white shadow, which I can only scratch off with my fingernails....with not much success.
One the primer sets, it stays there until you remove it with proper makeup removers.
I repeate, this dry-looking phenomenon is only right under my eyes, on my eyelids there's no such thing, there it works like a dream!

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is a cheaper dupe for UDPP and works just as fine if not better. Depending on personal taste.
Definitely recommended!^^
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