Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shu Uemura Silk Cushion Cheek Blusher

A heavenly product I think should be permanent is the Silk Cushion Cheek Blusher of Shu Uemura. I don't dare to claim it a HG, but it's high on my favourites list!

The texture is like nothing I've ever experienced: silky yet soft like a marshmallow at the same time. I'd expect it to be crumbling under my fingers but it jiggles as you can push it around.....which makes you giggle! :D

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink that looks natural and effortless. 

Orange Quartz
Orange quartz must be flattering on warm skintones.

NOTE: make sure to use the right type of brush suitable for cream products, like my favourite dual-fiber HD blush brush of Japonesque!
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