Thursday, May 9, 2013

MAC Powder Blush - Taupe Shape

I'm a really bad blogger. No updates for months, then suddenly I'm back and promising to update regularly, yet something comes up and I can throw my promises out the window. Even tho I have hundreds of stuff to review....I'm not kidding! I started to make a list to manage them easier. It's over 200 and sitll only half of what needs to be talk about. =.=

Lately, I've been having flying dreams and it means that one's creativity is neglected, something is holding you back. You don't like your job, or it's not showing your skills. You're capable of much more.
I really envy those who work in a creative field and they love & enjoy what they do. Sadly I don't. Thus, I have this blog to share my objective (or not) opinion about something I like: makeup.
Maybe this will satisfy my subconscious......?

Let's see my latest favourite item: MAC Powder Blush in Taupe Shape

It's nothing special, just a basic line blush, but I love it for countouring! Not too dark, not too yellow, just right for me!

The swatches came out quite shiny but it's not so bad once applied to your face. It has a satiny finish.
I really ought to have some phtograpy lessons LOL or just move farther the camera, but I olny have two hands..or one in this case....the other acting as a hand model =D's hard work making makeup swatches....

Anyway, I like this shade, the only drawback is after the first few uses the top of the powder hardened/caked. I'm sure everyone has experienced this before. It's not unuseable, just disturbing. It shouldn't be like that.
I can scratch it off with my nails or something fitting, but 1) it's wasting of powder 2) it becomes the same in a short time. 

Taupe Shape is part of the permanent collection of Powder Blushes and sells for $21. Taupe lovers will definitely love it!

Recommended piece! Everyone should have one in their stash!~
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