Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Testing new comment system...

For some time I will be testing a new comment system by Pnyxe, so I need your help! See and share what you experience when you comment with it.

I had to do this, because when replying to the comments for my last post I saw that the old Blogger comment system (which I hate) worked instead of the IntenseDebate one I had integrated. WTF!?
ID wasn't the best either, coz you had to sign up for every single post you wanted to see if anyone replied to and I find this quite annoying. Who wants to check and click on confirmation e-mails and all?

Well, Pnyxe isn't without fault either, to activate it I had to change some parts in the HTML coding and the settings so that the original comments would be hidden, or the new system would be overwritten @_@  This means that the comments made with Blogger's own system doesn't exist anyomore for the bare eyes. (however, they are not lost, just not visible. Now, that's a big shit for me! 
And so far I see no way to  make the old comments visible to everyone >.< 

I like how Pnyxe looks like, how you can add photos, format the text and under the "more" option that pops up on existing comments you can choose to follow the responses or the author. On a side note, I think it's kind of confusing that you have to view individual posts to be able to comment. 

I really hope this system will work....if not, then I have another one in mind, but it's not as pretty as this is =]
In order to improve commenting on my humble little blog, please share your thoughts when commenting. Thank you! <3

EDIT: Since I don't want to loose more data, I haven't deactivated the IntenseDebate comment plugin, thus there are two comment boxes below the text of the posts! Sorry! Make sure you write in the right one: the second one with black background and FB & Twitter tabs. That is the Pnyxe comment box I'd like you to test. 
The first one with white background is the IntenseDebate one I'd like to forget about.
Please, pay attention and sorry for the inconvenience! >.< 
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