Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update from the new world

First post since I moved to Georgia.
It's my 3rd week here yet I haven't got used to how my days are divided, so I have to find out when the time is best to blog. Not to mention the internet service is crap and I had to opt for optical cables. It's supposed to be activated on Saturday....I'll see if it works normally or not. WTF?! Optical cables are kinda new here...@_@
Anyway, I haven't even been to proper sightseeing, however I made some photos when we hosted couriers and traveled a bit. I'll post photos later :)

Cosmetics-wise....well, not like I've been to much stores so far (I just have no time and transportation is tricky to further places & walking is suicide for a European), but the prices are the same as in Hungary. Some things are even more expensive! And Hungary already has high prices!^^ Poor US colony that lives here....it must be cruel for them! =D
I'm sure that there are no MAC counters, but luxury brands are present, and some brands I've never heard about. I hope to explore the few stores that are present fast.

BTW, I got rid of  Intensedebate's comment system, however all the comments made through Intense are lost. Ok, not entirely, coz as long as I keep my account I have all the data, it's just that I can't export it...at least not into the new system by Pnyxe. Nor simply into Blogger. However, if someone knows how to do it, please tell me. I don't want to pay 130 dollars per month for a premium Pnyxe package only to emerge my old comments into the  new system....
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