Monday, December 12, 2011

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

Oooh, new post! 
I know I'm behind with cool makeup reviews, but I'll catch up on myself, promise!^.^ 

Well, this post is not about makeup's about the best heat protectant product I've came across so far!
Yes, I found one that I'm satisfied with! I'm so happy! *.*
Let's see what it is: a disqustingly girly, excessively pink bottle of holy grail:
Phew, that was long :)

Description:  "With green tea extract heat protective agent for peace of mind when using hot straightening irons

Want to stop the damage from using your flat irons but still achieve a sexy, sleek, super straight look? I’ve developed the Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Mist, perfect to give you smooth, straight, sexy hair.

With Green Tea extract to give you the peace of mind that it’s helping protect your hair from those HOT irons. It also helps to prevent the static that’s generated when using your straightening-irons and gives a beautiful shineand smell to your hair.

The antioxidants in Green Tea help to protect the hair from environmental and heat damage, reducing free radical formation caused by UV and heat styling. So you get safety and style,what more could you want.

Top Tips:
- Spray from arms length onto towel dried hair and blow dry
- On each selection of dry hair before you use your irons, spray again from half an arms length lightly, then iron
- Happy protecting and shining"

Well, this pink little one beats ghd's Thermal Protector, hands down. And not just in quality but in price too! Ghd, which I thought as the best heat protector so far (it wasn't perfect tho), cost£9.95 (approx. 15USD) and holds 150ml, while the pink beast costs 5.89GBP (=9USD) and holds 200ml! Now, which one do you think worths its price? 

However, Lee Stafford's Shine Mist is a bit hard to get. I could only order it on ebay, haven't seen it anywhere else (correct me if I'm wrong), and back in Hungary I could find it in only one store of only one  perfumery, nowhere else.

I don't think many people realized what this product is capable of.

But, enough of singing hallelujah, get to point, why I keep saying that it works:

1) It does not leave my hair crispy, frayed, dried after flat ironing
2) No flyaways!
3) Has the best ability to help straighten hair and keep it that way.
4) Silky touch of hair remains thanks to no frying.
5) Nice fragrant.
6) However you won't spray diamonds or glitters onto your hair, the finish is moderately shiny, yet absolutely not matte! ^.^ 

Those in the UK are damn lucky to be able to buy this brand anytime, I, on the other hand, had to pay almost double because of shipping. Still, I think this Shine Mist will protect my hair for a looong time :)

Do you need Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist?

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