Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ghd Thermal Protector for dry, coarse hair

Right now I'm using my second bottle of Today's victim: ghd Thermal Protector for dry, coarse hair.
After the first bottle I took a skew into the realm of Wella Pro, which turned out bad and I had to return to this trusted stuff.

Description: "Control unruly hair and add sustained moisture when heat-styling with this light hold thermal protector with new heat technology. Contains ingredients which deflect and absorb heat, protecting the hair shaft. Contains UVA protection.
Provides light hold.
Meadow foam seed oil maintains the moisture content and helps increase the elasticity of the hair during heated styling processes.
Long-lasting protection from humid conditions.
Contains ingredients which deflect and absorb heat
New Mirustyle X-HP heat activated heat shield protection ingredient.
Protection up to 200°C.
Extra 50% protection against heat appliances and invisible hold factor.
Directions for use: Spray onto clean, damp hair prior to drying or, before using your ghd styler on dry hair, spray lightly onto each section as you style. Follow with step 3."

So far this is the best heat protector I'v tried. Not that I tried everything! Only L'oreal, Tony&Guy and Wella products.
All information above is true, so I'm not repeating them (sorry, I'm lazy...), just completing with the following:

I think, with each heat protector spray you have to find out the best timing. (And here I'm talking about flat irons, because when blow drying it's not a big problem whether the stuff is completely absorbed or not)
If you use your straightener you must allow the sprayed liquid to absorb into the hair, or else when "combing" through with the iron, it's gonna burn up the liquid, thus damaging your hair. And this is exactly what we want to avoid.
Just let the spray get absorbed. For me it takes about 1,5 or 2 minutes. But if I forget about it and straighten my hair after 5 minutes or so, then the difference in damage is inevitable: I have more flyaway hair and the ends will become bristle! It feels dried up!
While keeping to my 2 minutes limit I have much less flyaways and dry ends.

Okay, I'm far from those sleek, shiny, moist, straight haired models in ads, but the difference is notable when looking into a mirror.

I'm not saying this is the ultimate weapon against damage caused by heat, but thats's true that now I have less broken ends and flyaways when using ghd thermal protector, than I had with other products.

Price is £9.95 for 150ml which is average in my opinion.

Would you buy it? Have you tried it?
What are your tricks, method of heat protection?
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