Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Essence - Blossoms etc trend edition

Beginning of April means new Essence collection! YEY This year it's called Blossoms etc.
Of course I ran to the nearest drug store to try and buy the new stuffs! =D

Blossoms etc trend edition should contain the following: (note the word "should")
  • eyeshadow duos (3 color combinations: 01 hint of mint, 02 bloom-a-loom 03 forget me not)
  • eyeliner pencils (2 colors: 01 bloom-a-loom, 02 I like)
  • lipgloss (2 colors: 01 flowerkissed, 02 naive)
  • multi color powder (01 Flower Power)
  • liquid blush (01 flowerkissed)
  • nail polish (5 colors: 02 I like, 03 my yellow fellow, 04 bloom-a-loom, 05 forget-me-not)
  • eau de toilette
So, the Blossoms etc edition, how I saw it:

Nail polishes: same colors they use every spring. I got the bloom-a-loom lilac color. Nicely opaque, very little stripe effect, started chipping the next day.
In stead of 5 colors they had only 3: yellow, lilac and one of the greens.
Eyeshadow duo: again bloom-a-loom lilac what I bought. Hardly any difference between the two sides. sheer and matte color, but as one it has good coverage. one side is the matte, the other is the blue "shimmer", however that's an bristle brush can pick it up, better try with a sponge applicator.
01 hint of a mint was simply ugly.
02 bloom-a-loom is a nice lilac. I was afraid of it being too warm for my skintone, but it's not pigmented enough, thus it's more like a neutral color.
03 forget me not is a mixture of grey and lilac. Should be good as part of smoky eyes.
Too bad the counter didn't have testers...seems like it's the new "trend"!
Eyeliner pencils: we din't get them at all. Maybe it depends on the stores, but it's quite frustrating to see what should be there and isn't.
Lipgloss: got 02 naive since it promises perfect coverage, and I, being naive chose the least intense color XD Essence never produced glosses that showed any decent colors on your lips. Well, this is no exception either, but that little color it has at least gives even "coverage".
Multi color powder: nice conception, nice to look at, but not gorgeous. Has no green part in it. I wanted this to be a super cheap (and crappy) dupe for the famous Guerlain Meteorites, but it's no match for that. Just too shimmery and since the colors are not the same it won't add anything special to your skintone. I mixes up into an even shimmery cast. I dare say the same effect as any other shimmer powder Essence sold in their last 5-6 collections.
Eau de toilette: strong and harsh, too dominating IMHO. At leat for teens....
Liquid blush: Not available in Hungary! WTF!? I was ready to fight teen chicks in front of the counters to put my hands on this and we won't get it at all!??!?!??!? f @ck you Essence!!!!!

As soon as I get the photos I took of the thing I bought on my computer I'll post them.
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