Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Illamasqua - Powder Fondation

My very first Illamasqua item! I'v been a fan of the brand (and their artists) for a long time, but never owned anything from them. Until recently, when I happened to score this baby on ebay.

I never liked powder foundations since my skin is dry (except for the oily T-zone) and due to the super tiny little hair - I bet everyone has -  most powders look horrible on me.
That's why I love liquid foundations....(creams are too thick tho) the only drawback is no chance for touchups.

(sorry, got the case messy in a blink)

Anyway, I'm happy to announce that this is the first powder foundation I like! Maybe I'm biased, but I do love it!
Not perfect, I give that...when inspecting from up close, I can still see most of my imperfections, but from 30+ cm my skin looks flawless, totally evened out, yet not fake at all. I just feel good wearing this! ^.^

I'd say coverage is medium. Maybe you could pack it on for full coverage, but that just looks ugly with powder types.

Color of mine is PF145 which is for fair skin-toned girls. Thankfully no yellowish undertones, or pink either...I'm not 100% sure. I think it's more of a neutral shade....maybe cool toned, but definitely not warm. Neutral, I'd bet.

without flash:

with flash:

What Illamasqua has to say abot Powder Foundation: "Be the star of your own drama. The mainstay of film and theatre make-up artists, Illamasqua Powder Foundation glides over your skin, covering blemishes, correcting skin tone and leaving a shine-free look that lasts all night. Create a stunningly flawless base that begs to be touched. Comes in a mirror compact for touch-ups on the go."
Shine-free look? Yes, definitely. Until oiliness wins and I can bring out my stash of blotting papers XD That's like after 4 hours. Touch-up is highly recommended. Due to the stylish case you'll be proud to fling it out in front of others! =)

BTW the case: loves fingerprints. Luckily they are only visible when light hits the case in a way to reflect it. Well made plastic, sturdy and closes tightly.

The mirror inside is big enough for comfortable application.

For £21.50 you get 10g of foundation and applicator which is not super soft, but not rough either.
You will have softer and flawless skin, a good-looking, high-quality compact.
I think Illamasqua Powder Foundation is totally worth its price (especially if you can find it for cheap) =]
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