Sunday, April 24, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Lustre lipstick & Essence Fairy Tale Eyeliner Pencil

I'm not sure if MAC stores still carry the Wonder woman collection, but about 2 weeks ago or so the store nearest to me still had it. However, I wonder what was left of it by then.....imagine, the week, when the new Lady Gaga lippies came out I went to pick up the lipstick (not because I need one more, but it's just such a pretty color...duh)....and it was sold out already! 4 days! All it took the bitches, 4 days! Argh...they only had the lipgloss, which was pretty and all, but I wanted the lipstick T_T

Anway, back to Wonder Woman. The only item I found worth of my money was this liplustre: Marquise'D.
(BTW the shadow quads were utter crap)

As for the packaging, to me it looks like a child's play.
The color could be a nice neutral beige if not leaning into warm thanks to the golden flecks you can see below.

Texture is creamy and's lustre, right :)

Overall, I like it a lot, even tho it costed me ~25.50 USD

Since I have billions of items to write a review on, I'm featuring 2 things in one post. The following product is from an inexpensive drugstore brand I'm obsessed with.
Yes, Essence! Again....I think I'm sick. I really should say no whenever a new trend editions comes out. They re-use the leftover from previous collections, sometimes hardly altering them, except for the packaging. And just who wants to have doubles, triples, etc. in different cases? Not me. Yet I keep on buying them. >_>;
So, below is the only eyepencil from the late collection: Fairytale. (It was quite a pretty edition, I tell you!^^)

Is it sparkly like the rest of the collection? No. It's a mere black eyeliner pencil! Sporting the LE design. Cheating! 

In the picture: one line (bottom) and 2 or 3 lines layered (top).
Nothing spectacular, not even a decent colored black eyeliner, not to mention its smudging. It will not stay in place even for a half hour.
Not worth the 3.50 or 4 USD I paid for it. (forgot its price)
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