Sunday, May 1, 2011

Best drug store shampoo? - Wella Pro Series repair shampoo

My hair care regime contains the following steps:
1) first cleaning wash with cheap shampoo
2) nourishing washing with better quality stuff (I still stick to Shiseido Tsubaki)
3) conditioner
4) mask every two washing
5) heat protection
+) occasionally leave-in oil for the ends, straightening mask

For step 2 I need a cheap, yet good quality shampoo that removes dirt and oil effectively yet not leaving my hair dry and coarse. I've tried every single drug store brands so far, be it L'Oreal, Garnier, Nivea, Head & Shoulders, Toni&Guy, etc., you name it, and each and every one of them was horrible, making my hair dry and coarse, making the expensive shampoo's work harder. And that's what I want to avoid. I either use more of the expensive stuff or change the "first-wash" shampoo.

Not long ago Wella introduced a new line in their hair care products: Pro Series.
I didn't have high hopes, but since there was a great sale going on and I was running out of my previous Nivea, I gave it a chance. 5 USD for 500ml is good IMHO....especially seeing how it usually cost 10bucks.

Pro Series features four sub-lines: volume, color, repair and shine.

Since my hair is basically dry (as far as I can remember what it was like before I first dyed it) and let's face it, dying is everything but healthy for the hair....I chose the repairing shampoo.

Brief description: "Smoothens and helps repair the beauty of damaged hair helping keep it looking naturally beautiful."

Line introduction: "NEW WELLA PRO SERIES. INSPIRED BY STYLISTS, DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS FOR YOU AT HOME. For more than 130 years Wella's passion and expertise has been the benchmark of the professional salon experience. And although nothing replaces the expertise of a real hairdresser, now WELLA has created new WELLA PRO SERIES – inspired by stylists and developed by our WELLA experts for you to use at home. Get closest to a salon-fresh feeling. Available in retail at an affordable price."

It's not sulfate free, but contains no parabens, has a terribly good, rich scent, I can't define it, but I LOVE it! actually works! It does help keep my hair look softer and healthy^^
Never. Ever any drug store shampoo worked like this! I love touching my hair after washing and drying it! The difference is so big! 

To think that the only brand I always tried keep myself away from, Wella, has a product that outdoes everything else....ironic.

I'm thinking about getting the conditioner too, wonder if it's as good as the shampoo....

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