Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shiseido Tsubaki Shining Camellia Oil Ex Hair Care Set

Nourishes damaged hair and produces soft, sleek hair. Maintains dynamic elasticity. For all hair types. The red camellia flower "tsubaki" contains extremely high quality oils, rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which are readily absorbed by skin and hair. Fascinating sweet carmellia fragrance.

Just bought this set not long ago from ebay and i'm totally hooked on it! It's known as Japan's best selling hair care products. I have to wonder. My hair is dyed from blackish brown to blond and it's been for a while so it's quite damaged and dry. I spend a lot to make it look healthy, experimenting with shampoos, conditioners and other protecting stuffs. Especially for straightening...I use flat irons every day and that's not good at all, you know. Most of the things I bought from different brands did nothing or just worsened the dryness so they sit on the shelf waiting for something that makes them work. I know they never will, but can't get myself to throw them out. i saw a lot of raving about Tsubaki. Some said it made their hair greasy or heavy at the root. Some said it was okay if you used it rarely. Personally I haven't experienced any of it and I've been using it 2 weeks. Usually every 2 or 3 days but it happened i had to wash my hair daily. For me it worked wonders. Sensational! I had searched everywhere for something that could provide me that dreamy silky hair feeling I've had dreamed about, but none could help. Until i found this.

After the first use I was like O.M.G! That touch! That feeling! OMFG I was in trance. As for shining I don't know if it did anything, since I have no problem with shininess...not until 1 month after dying. Anyway, my hair is nourished, feels healthy and that stays so for long. Impressive!
I have the shampoo, conditioner and treatment, in 550-550-120ml sizes. And paid only $12 for all. Too bad the seller doesn't carry them anymore.
They will last for a long time seeing only a tiny bit is missing from the bottles, but i'm careful with the treatment. It would be gone in a few weeks if i used it regularly, worst every time I wash my hair.

Oh yeah. The scent. It's not overwhelming and is pretty nice. I'd say it's a great product for those with dry or damaged hair, and maybe who have oily hair will like it too. Just don't use it often =D
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