Thursday, August 16, 2012

HG: K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP

For many years I stayed away from liquid eyeliners since they require precision and I'm lazy....pencils are mush faster anyway HAHA
But, they aren't as strong in color or long-lasting as liquid liner can be.

 I wanted a pen liner that truly is waterproof (super oily lids hellooo~) and deep black in color. All the well know bloggers featured the "1 day tattooo" from K-palette and I thought 'why not?'

I ordered my 1st Real Lasting Eyeliner from Adambeauty and it came with a CD. Never heard of the singer tho >.< The non-CD version was out of stock back then, but the interesting thing is later a friend of mine wanted this eyeliner too (coz she saw this on me, tried it and fell in love) and bot the non-CD and CD version was available and the non-CD one was cheaper! HAHA

The casing says it's 24h and waterproof, but tell me, is there a non-waterproof version too? o.O

Color is 'jet black' which is a nice deep black. The tip is thin, but too soft for my taste. I prefer stiffer ones for precise handling. Shaky hands like mine are meant to work with such wiggling brushes =D

See above, they were intended to be straight! =D
The liner is indeed long-lasting, but not entirely waterproof, and definitely won't hold against crying or oily lids in the corners.
OR....sweating. Tested it on the LM.C concert back in May. 5th row and 'omfgigdish' heat with no fresh air. Everything from my forehead wanted to swim into my eyes and I thought I had been careful, just patting off my face. But NOOO! Imagine an accentuated black eyeline...only 2/3 of it on your eye...the inner 1/3 GONE! gyaaaaaa so lame~
The dirt cheap Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner (wp) is way better! Won't come off even in the hottest rock concerts!

Anyway, I have a backup of it, since it's good as an everyday eyeliner.
ATM it goes USD15 on Adambeauty which is a good price IMHO.
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