Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missha Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream

Do you like samples? I do. And I try to get several of the same ones when I want to try out new skincare products. One just doesn't go and splurge on products that one hasn't tried before. Maybe the cream you've been eyeing doesn't work or you'll get pimples/oily/dried out skin from it, or worse, allergic reaction.
That's what samples are for. To see if the products fits you. But one tiny sample is far from enough. Sometimes the satchel is only enough for one application, but most often 2 or 3 usage is what you get.
Gather several of the testers (either as freeby or buy them....God bless internet) and there you have enough amount to see if the stuff is worth buying.

One of the products I've tried via samples is Missha Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream.

Description: "Ultra moisturizing cream that has been inspired by the moisture preserving ability of desert plants to keep skin moisturized for all seasons.
Solution1. Aqua lock

Imperata cylindrica extract creates a protective shield that prevents moisture evaporating and help

the skin adapt to harmful elements.

Solution2. Aqua Sponge
Adenium extracts absorbs the moisture like a sponge to increase skin elasticity and persistency.

Solution3. Aqua Tank
Baobab tree extract activates the moisture energy inside the skin to stop the cycle of dryness.

Botanical Oil, 
Jojoba Oil, 
Baobab Oil"

I'm glad I didn't buy the full bottle. Not because it's bad, but because it's not that good. It's a good moisturizer, but nothing special. It leaves a perfect surface for makeup however!
During summer it works well, I prefer this as a night cream over the heavier ones, but by morning it feels like it's not enough.
For winter? I'm not sure this would be enough for my dry skin.
If you have oily skin and need a simple moisturizer, then it's worth a try! :)

Usually the 47ml jar sells for around USD30.

Oh, the smell! I almost forgot it! It's heavenly! You can almost see the plants that were used to make this cream when sniffing it. It's quite strong, but on skin I couldn't sense it. My eyes hate too strongly scented creams but they didn't start tearing when using Ultra Waterfull. 
If you have super sensitive eyes then I strongly recommend to test this Super Aqua beforehand. Better be on the safe side :)
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