Friday, August 10, 2012

Give feedback of new layout~

Yes, I do have a new layout and I like this way better than the previous dark one, however, I realized that the width is fixed 1300px and if your resolution is smaller then you can't see the red background, only plain white, which is such a shame.

If anyone has an idea where or how to fix it, please, point me to the codes, whatever. Thank you! =D 

Anyhow, I couldn't make it a slimmer layout, coz I wanted a 3 column blog with sub-columns and if I were to alter the px rate, then the columns would have turned out funny looking, either too thin or overshadowing the main column.
I even thought about the new dynamic layouts and they had really cool features, but when I wanted to alter for my taste and couldn't, I ended up in a screaming fit. Finally I gave up on it and angrily clicked on the simplest layout and had to realize it was the most versatile one and exactly what I needed! LOL

Note that I hardly know anything about CSS, HTML (that little comes from LJ).

I would be really grateful if everyone who came by gave me feedback about what you could see exactly. Do you see the red carpet background, or not? Maybe you don't even care about the colors of this blog or in general?
You can find the poll to the right.
The poll ends on 31. August 2012, at 18:00 (GMT +4).

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