Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scott Barnes Pressed Powder in Petal

I found that I love Scott Barnes products and it's such a shame that they can only be found on such sites like StrawberryNET.com. Guy should restart selling his own line worldwide again.

Anyway, here is the Pressed Powder (in Petal) that I use as a substitute for the Scott Barnes Loose Powder for setting my foundation.

YAY for Blogger's photo-rotating feature >_> 

Back of the case....I like its simple design and it's not a fingerprint magnet! ^.^ 
Okay, the reflective parts on the sides like to show signs of tapping, but it's such a small surface that I don't really care about it.

The powder itself still with the protecting plastic. I cannot open a single thing without making a mess 8DDD

With slightly different lighting.
It's like a light, creamy flower petal, isn't it?

On a side note: I have this huge urge to touch and sweep every makeup product right after opening it, not caring about making decent photos. 
Does anybody have any idea, trick or tip how to refrain myself and make pretty photos first and dig myself into the product only second? O_O  

Scott Barnes Pressed Powder (Petal) without flash
As you can see, the color is very natural. It can be worn as a light powder foundation or as a setting powder.  I prefer it as a finishing touch after either BB creams or medium coverage foundations.

Scott Barnes Pressed Powder (Petal) with flash
 It never made me break out or caused any skin problem. 
I'd recommend this line to anyone. As long as you can find one with a fitting color, I'd say: BUY IT!!! 
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