Thursday, September 6, 2012

Missha Lip&Cheek Dual Cream Pot

Being back from vacation I present you Missha Lip&Cheek Dual Cream Pot.

I seem to have more and more Missha products. LOL But they are good so it's no wonder. has sales frequently and I like to use them to the fullest~ This little duo product came from such a sale. It costed me USD9.74 back then. The US site seem not to carry it anymore, but other Missha sites do. I don't really get the point since it's a good product IMHO, worth to keep on shelves.

Missha Lip&Cheek Dual Cream Pot [No.05]
The color is No.5 which consists of a shimmery golden orange and a cute cool pink cream.
You can see the shimmers in the orange however the pink has none of them.

Missha Dual Cream Pot close-up

Below there are swatches in different lightings so you can see how different the pink can look like. I'm in love with it! It's well pigmented but can be worn on cheeks too without problem. However the orange is best for cheeks. Due to the shimmers I found it a bit weird on my lips. Nothing that cannot be worn, I'm just not a great fan of shimmery lip products. And the color is not exactly for my skintone.

BUT! If you're tanned to a bronze godess then do use the orange on both your lips and cheeks! =D

Missha Dual Cream Pot hand swatches

The cream smells like sport creams that have camphor in them. So refreshing~ I love it! *.* 
But maybe I have weird taste =D

The whole thing is a tiny little compact which looks cute with all the bling-bling plastic case. It has a little mirror in it and comes with a retractable lipbrush which comes in handy while on the go. 

It's totally travel friendly: two colors, safe brush, mirror and it's lightweight!^^

I recommend to get this or any other color combination you can pet your hands on! ;D

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