Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some stupid things...

Why "stupid things"? You'll see....

Firts, an Essence nail polish I scored Today...

Pretty, aren't they? Don't they remind you of.......hmm......Twilight? HEHE Of course they do! Moonlight Collection is obviously and openly inspired by the movies/book/phenomenom....
Essence is known for it's cute packaging anyway, and they target teens.

There are only the 3 colors shown above. IRL, black and silver (here looks more white) are really close colors. Dark and light grey, I'd say.
They are shimmering-glittering-reflecting.

More violet than on the stock photo....

Messy application and ugly nails...oh well, at least you can see how it looks!
You can see some fine glitters(?) I don't like sparkly polishes but this isn't chunky and overpowering.

Very nice! And it costed only 2 dollars! Yes, USD2!!! Gooooood~~~

Essence's spring collection will be "Cute as Hell" (in stores in February) but to tell the truth, I'm not too impressed by it. Only items worth mentioning:

Pretty pink blush

and 3 lipglosses

Which one should I pick? Maybe the lilac...

I think "Cute as Hell" was a wrong choice....."plain cute" would have been better! The brand's previous releases had much cuter packaging...Like the one you get, Dan! *winks*

Oookay, I didn't want this post to become an Essence promo....err....let's move on....

A while ago, like 2 months ago I saw someone on my friend-list do a Navi look. You know, Inspired by Avatar, she did a look and it was stunning! Beat me, I don't remember who was the girl, and I can't find the post anymore, it was a long ago. Not much later I watched the movie too and wanted to do a look myself, but all my blue eyeshadows were left in dormitory, while I was at home. So, when I went back dorm, I did it! YEY
Actually, it was a pretty long work, as I couldn't achieve the shade I wanted and in addition the colors went on quite blotchy!!! At first I thought I wouldn't have enough shadow to finish my face! LOL
I used my 96 colors palette...see review here.

[Since then I learned it makes a terrible fall out, and you want to press on the colors, not swipe...Dabbing won't work either...and this makes blending a bit hard too! That's to expect from a $25 palette]

As blending is hard (--> practically you swipe off the shadow from your face!) the contours are nonexistent, even tho I wanted to transform the shape of my face LOL....

Argh! It looks so childish! And amateur!  Take a look if you dare....

But do NOT laugh, okay!? At least don't let me know you died from laughter and was resurrected, OKAY?

LOL bathroom lighting rulez!
Sorry for having white ears and was such a pain in the ass to remove everything! Even with oil! And it looks like there's a gap between my hairline and the "blueness"...there isn't! gah! I pulled the shadows up, into my hair! And still looks weird >_> Do you know how fucking hard it is to get that damn blue out of hair???
Well, see how there are only two blues? A light and a dark (the lines)? So annoying I couldn't work them out better...but then, a big blur would have been better? Ah, I don't know...

If you remember, there are these light freckles on Navis...that should have been pointed on with white liquid glitter, but I don't have any....(since I hate glitters LOL), so I had to mix up something...

Took a tiny brush, a drop of water, a white-ish light pink color from the palette and clear lipgloss, so it would stick to my skin and not run anywhere.
The spots turned out quite big, as I had to twist the brush to leave some color on my face too, not just on the brush HAHHA
I need a fine tipped brush! *nods*

After I embarrassed myself with this crappy blue-face shit, I leave this entry and go to watch TV LOL
I had a video I made today I wanted to show you, but I couldn't finish editing it.....spent half my day googling on a good subtitle program (for the comments I wanted to make on the video), figuring out how to use it (since I don't know how to work it out with notepad...)....then hardsubbing! GAH! I remembered the analogy from the old years when I used to watch J- and Kdramas, but never done it myself, so now I'm stuck at the last step with an .ISO that I can't convert back, as it contains no .VOB & .IFO
err....I don't want to install virtualdub! It's hard to use! *cries* and I'm tired! and I want to play on Facebook!

How do those girls on Youtube do the subbing? You know, those bubbles with extra information? I uploaded the subtitle file to the video, but nothing happened....It can't be that hard....What step did I miss? o_O

Sorry if you didn't understand a single words of the last neither LOL

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