Thursday, January 28, 2010

My two eye looks using Shiseido Silky Eyeshadow Quad

Fulfilling a request, here are the two most used eyelooks I create with Shiseido's Silky Eyeshadow Quad.
I did a review of it here.

First, the one I do the most often:

Nr.3 purple-ish on the inner half of the lid and bottom lash line, nr.4 grey/silver on the outer lid & bottom lashline. Nr.1 black to line the lashlines.
See how the top shot is more acurate than the others, not so washed out? It was taken with the new cam LOL
Sadly the purple doesn't show up well on either type of photos...

And my second favourite look:

Nr2. pink on the inner corner, nr.3 purple on the rest of eyelid, nr.4 grey/silver on the outer V. Just a veeery tiny bit, pulled down to the outer side of the bottom lashline.
Lining was made with Make Up For Evers Aqua Eyes, nr.1 of the quad wasn't used this time, but it's up to everyone to use it or not.

Sorry for the messy work and the unplucked brows....I'm way too lazy these days...

And I don't know what kinda weird lighting there is in the house, but the pink is more vivid in real life, believe me!

Hope I could help! ^_^
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