Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shiseido The Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Quad - Q1

Silky Eye Shadow Quad (in color Q1 - Dusk to Dawn) is my first venture into The Makeup line of Shiseido. And even if it's not the world's best eyeshadow quad, I'm quite pleased with it.

Jojoba also have a thorough review for all the permanent and limited editions, so if you haven't, do check it out! It's insane! HEHE

This ultra-smooth eyeshadow quartet creates vibrant yet shimmery, translucent colors. One compact provides versatile color combinations to create a whole eye look. Use as highlighter, liner, and shadow. Easy to apply and blends well. Long-lasting, stay-true colors.

The case is a pretty scallop shape with push button. That I appreciate immensly since I don't have to dug my fingers or worse, my nails inside to make the lid pop. And some cases are so hard to open! =.=
The only problem is, even tho it's not silver or mirror-like, it's quite reflecting and it attracts fingerprints! I keep wiping it clean!
Aside from that, it's lightweight yet sturdy!

Has a large mirror which must be useful for others, but since it's not magnifying I don't use it. The applicators are good. One with an average end + brush, the other is a normal + skinny one. I use the skinnier for the black liner.
I still think these applicators are made for small Asians with even smaller hands as I find them too small. I always get my fingers (that I hold the applicator with) dirtied by the other end...quite bothersome!

Aside from the liner, the three shadows are silky to the touch. I have the urge to touch it and fondle it again and again.
They present a good color payoff with shimmery finish.
Pink Tends to be strong and popping on my eyes.
Purple is a cool lavender with blue undertones and pink shimmers. Very pretty but a bit sheer compared to the pink and grey ones.
Grey is a strong, cool grey. Frosty and metallic.
Black is a matte powdery liner. I don't like it. I have to layer it quite a bit and it fades in record time (when it doesn't transfer from my lashline to under my eyes). It has some pretty glitter that's more like shimmer particles in size, and the colors are of the rainbow.

I don't get why liners in palettes (especially Japanese ones) suck huge time. Is it really that hard to make them the same as the shadows??? o_O"

Staying power is okay. It doesn't smudge or fade on my lids, but I wouldn't use it on my lower lashline as it goes South without waiting for my permission.
And it also resisted creasing for 8-9 hours without priming. It's not the best and it needs touch ups for a long day but it creates  a flattering eye look and the colors are easy to blend too!

It retails for $36.50 at Sephora, so it must be about the same elsewhere, and I'd say that's a good price....considering it costed me 55 bucks. If you happen to see a sale for this, give it a try! ;D

The color combinations available:

The one in the middle is very pretty IMHO =D

EDIT: pic for size comparison:

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