Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My giveaway prize & FOTD & Bourjois swatches

First of all, the book I won arrived Today! YEY! Previously I mentioned that I had won a book giveaway on Aik's blog!

mmmm Can't wait to start reading it! But first I want to finish the one I'm reading ATM.
It's actually a signed copy! And came directly from the author, Dakota Banks!

Thank you miss Banks! ^.^


As I went out Today for some shopping (and I mean beauty shopping), and dear Sun cooperated, I took some photos of my makeup:

The weather is snowy and it's friggin' freezing outside, so I went for a cold-ish look.

FACE: Skin79 BB cream Diamond Collection Luminous Pearl
            Sofina Primavista Clear Cover Base
            Kevin Beautymaker Magic Foundation Pen
            RMK Liquid foundation
            NYX Concealer in a jar
            MAC Studio Finish Concealer

CHEEKS: Oriflame Giordani Gold Mosaic Splendor Powder
            Oriflame Visions Pearl Shimmer Poder for Face

EYES: I Nuovi metallogy eyeshadows (Champagne and Oxide)
            KATE Gel Eyeliner
            L'Oreal Accord Naturels (for eybrow)
            MUFE Aqua Smokey Eyes

LIPS: MAC Lipglass (Spirited)

Sooo, bought some stuffs at Müller that I'm not showing here as they are presents, and took the chance to swatch a few things.....and I have photos too! wooow My first attempt at swatching in store! LOL The SAs didn't even care about me. Maybe next time I won't be this lucky.

At first I wanted to swatch the eyeshadow quad of Guerlain's spring collection, but it wasn't there. Maybe it's not supposed to be at counters yet? But the plate with with stock photos and all was up, so where was the actual product? o_O
Thus I swatched the new Kiss Kiss glosses, but didn't make notes of the numbers, as it was labeled as new shades. And here at home, checking the Guerlain site I can't find what were those shades....
No, they weren't the pretty lacy Xmas edition ones.
Stupid me! I should have had to write down the numbers! X_X

BUT! I did some work and swatched almost all of the Bourjois Smoky Eyeshadow Trios!

The ones on my hand: Gris Dandy, Mordore Chic, Rose Vintage, Violet romantic, Bleu Rock, Vert Trendy (From top to bottom, left to right):

The colors came out so crappy! And washed out! So sorry! Wish I could show you how the last two trios (Bleu Rock and Vert Trendy) looks in real life!!!!
As I started swatching the first ones, I almost lost all hope that these worthed a penny, but damn! The blue and green trios are so awesome! Never seen anything like them! *____*
I tell you, if you have a chance, go and see for yourself!
I usually restrain myself from this two colors, but daaaamn! I'm so gonna buy these!

Bleu Rock and Vert Trendy have some golden/green/blue sheen to them, under the main color. Think of....uhm butterfly? You know, those exciting, mixing colors on their wings!?
I was mesmerized!
They are ~£7.30 each (dunno the USD) and they well worth the money! At least the blue and green ones do. The other variations were either boring or sheer.

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