Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Got surgery and now I have two heads...

Personal post, no makeup or skin-care, sorry!

I had this wisdom tooth that caused me many painful nights and pink-clouded days thanks to painkillers. Most of these days in the last one and half year were becoz if this tooth. It didn't have space and pushed the ones in front...with not much luck. The gum wasn't able to cut open enough to let the tooth out, but the tiny hole was enough cause cavity in the wisdom tooth.
I have had this bastard for like 6 years now, not able to grow out, and then it goes bad. Cool!
So, after the latest pain-freak-show late November, I went to the dentist (yet again with not much faith) and boom! Cavity! Got an appointment to the operative dentistry (10 Jan).
Let me tell ya, I was incredibly brave! Considering I could cry in front of a mere dentist's office hearing the driller, it's a miracle I didn't even flinch at the hospital. It's a surgery facility, ya know!^^

I don't go into details, I get sick just thinking about it....
In the end, I was showed the tooth. It was broken into 4 or 5 pieces....mostly the roots.  The crown (dunno what it's called in English) was so huge I couldn't believe my eyes! Where on Earth did that fit in? There was no place!
But the biggest surprise was one of the roots! It had a 90 degree "hook" at the end!!!

No wonder they had a hard time taking it out.

Sorry for the crappy drawing! LOL

I was told the wound was going to hurt like hell for a few days after the anesthetic wore off.  I was so prepared to eat painkillers all the time. The operation happened Yesterday, but so far no pain. It' doesn't sting a bit!

Not like the huge bump that apperead on my face (above the jawline)! And it's not even where the wound is.....3 or 4 teeths in front of it! HAH
It's huge! Dunno the word for it, but it seems a blood ball (<-- LOL my invention), you know, table-tennis ball size and my skin purple like plum! Like I was beaten hard. Now, that hurts!
Need to cold pack it with ice....
I can't speak properly, coz the bump stands in the way of my teeth and tongue. Ah, sucks! 

And! I still smell like disinfectant! LOL I smell like an operating room, says Mom! bwahaaa
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