Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Face Shop Nutri Life C Mask Sheet

As I have nothing better to do (being freshly operated HEHE) I present you The Face Shop's Nutri-Life C sheet masks!

I wanted to show before-after photos, but I realized my face looks like a zombie's without foundation. Yellowish dark skin around eyes, had some giant cystic acnes and usual discoloration. It was way too shocking to infect the net with it XDD

So, all left is my word.

Brightens skin tone and scavenges free radicals to fight aging.

If you know MBD masks, this Face Shop sachet is much bigger in size, almost twice as big. They should fold the mask sheet a bit more....
The cloth is dripping liquid, that absorbs well, I left it on for 20 or 30 minutes, until my skin sucked in every last bit of moisture from the mask. In the sachet there's always some liquid left, and I put it on my neck and hands. mmmm
The scent is incredible! Strawberry! So nice~

After using Nutri-Life my skin feels moisturized and looks a bit brighter. But to tell the truth, not as bright as after My Beauty Diary's Bulgarian White Rose.

Anti-aging? Well, I dunno. As these sheet masks are supposed to be used daily for weeks or for (a) month(s) you may see results after long usage.

A box of Nutri-Life C (5 pieces) goes for $15 or so, depending on where you buy.
I'd say, this isn't a bad product, but I'd vote for MBD!
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