Monday, December 14, 2009

Dark Angel video by Illamasqua & I won another giveaway!

Have you seen this video? I highly recommend it!
Watch it! A girl, named Sophie and her boyfriend were kicked to death by a bunch of scumbags. Sophie died while her boyfriend survived. What was their fault? They dressed and looked different.

Actually I don't like "ravens", heavy metal guys, skinheads and such groups, but I'd never, ever kill them just because of that! Just how STUPID and INHUMAN is this????
And watch the video!

And to share some happy news, I won my third giveaway! wowoowowo YESSS!!!!
I know, I haven't even reviewed the first one, I Nuovi, then there's Stars Makeup Haven too, and now this:

A signed paperback copy of Dark Time by Dakota Banks! Yes, I! urban fantasy books! I'm weak, I know! Damn it Harry Potter in the old days, and now Edward Cullen! You brought my downfall! After I finished you and you left an empty space in me, I reached after vampire themed books and that brought along weres, withches, pixies, elves, demons, succubus and more...Thanks!

♥ Luv Ya! ♥

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