Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Haircut

The reason why I'm absent and slow with replies is 1) I had tests and oral exams in both college (and it's still not the end...first half of January is filled with written and oral exams #_#) 2) and I had to pass a public administration and polity competitive exam. The material is friggin long and hard....laws, procedures, complete studies on sociology, economics, constitutional studies, social science, ethics, data management and so on.....You'd say, hey, you've learnt these before! Oh, yes, I thought so too, when I first opened the book, but then, one week before the test all Hell broke out when I realized the easy part was only the first few pages and from then on fact, facts, facts, facts and you need to know all (~420 pages) to pass the exam. Me and my stupid habit to leave everything to the last minutes....>_>

So, I was a nervous wreck! I've never studied that much before! Nor for my graduation exams in high school, neither for the diploma exams.
Anyhow, my guardian angel was with me again, and I passed all three parts (test, essay, oral). And I still don't know a word. Thank you God!
I still have an exam this Friday, then I'm free until 9th January! XDD

Soooo, I had my hair cut for the certificate ceremony, wich is due Tomorrow in the Parliament! I can't just go with long, split ends, right?
And this was a long waited cut. I let my hair grow far too long.
The basic cut is the same as the one on my icon:

This was taken about 2 years ago, and the front bangs are long. Right now they are shorter, coz it bothered me that I couldn't see from them, and since I wear glasses, I couldn't keep them straight.
Here is the current style.
Freshly out of salon:

I know, I look horrible! HAHAHA Dark circles and crappy photo skills abound! LOL

First time the parting is on the right side. It's so weird =]
Other sied and back:

I still think the older version (very first pic above) looks better, but it was too warming (especially in summer) and a hassle to keep it straight @_@ I HATE wavy hair! And mine is, and very hard to tame. >_>

Hey girls! Does any of you have mixi account? Coz I have but don't use it much...having two friends doesn't keep me there much. So wanna be mixi friends? ^____^;
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