Thursday, December 10, 2009

organic elements nf10 a.m. > p.m. skin feeder

A while ago I received  a face cream sample with a blog sale order.
An Organic Elements nf10 am > pm Skin Feeder antiage face cream for daytime, with oat and millet. A generous 5ml in a pearly round plastic box.

As the weather becomes colder (had my face freezed off Yesterday) my dry skin needs more hydration. So this came in handy and used it up in a blink.

nf regenerates, nourishes and oxygenates: every day fatigue, worries, stress and pollution - to prevent stress from becoming a problem, the skin needs the proper instruments to protect it

The day cream is ideal to alleviate the signs of fatigue and combat the degenerating action of dermocontractions, chrono and photo-aging. A real bioactivator of the derma and epidermis, it shapes the outlines of the face so that they appear more sustained and compact, the skin smooth and firm, the complexion luminous, and the lines more youthful. Excellent base for makeup.
Creamy but light texture, aromacological fragrance to facilitate focused action.

extract of oat*: nourishing, energetic and mineralizing
extract of millet*: energetic dermoepidermic bioactivator
global shield biocomplexTM*: protective and bioactivating
extract of mallow*: decongestant and moisturizing
extract of olive-tree leaf*: antioxidizing
extract of grape leaf*: antioxidizing and detoxifying
vegetable water of grape: capillary reinforcing and antioxidizing
rice bran oil: antiseptic, astringent, refreshing
vegetable collagen (from soybeans): moisturizing and strengthening
ceratonia siliqua gum: moisturizing for a turgid, elastic skin
Clinical tests have shown that daily use of the product for a complete treatment significantly improves the smoothness and compact aspect of the skin, leaving it luminous and free of tiny wrinkles.

The scent is amazing! I use this word way too often, right Dan? HEHE Beat me and m stupid nose, I can't tell what this scent is, but it must be oat =D Sharp and citrusy or limey? argh, dunno! It's good! And believe me, it IS good! I don't like face creams with heavy fragrance as it irritates my eyes. This will do, if you use it too close to your eyes!
The texture is thick thus doesn't spread as smoothly as a lightweight moisturizer or lotion, but as massaged in, it soaks on relatively fast. Although not as fast as I'd like....
Anyway, it helped me to regain a smooth, soft skin that feels well-hydrated.
For summer this would be insanely much, but for the icy winter this is a really good face cream!
If you come across it, give it a try! But only if you don't mind spending £37 on it (that's like $55)! Yes, you see it right! I can't find how much product you get for that much money, but I bet not litres of it....

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