Friday, January 1, 2010

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15

First post of 2010!
And to start this year well, I bring you my latest favourite product! I dare to say HG! wooo
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15 in the color: Petting Pink

I know this is nothing new, probably everyone out there who loves MAC owns at least one of these conditioners, but since I fell in love with it I have to say a few words...right?

Don't pay attention to the L'Occitane sachets, those are another story! I'm lazy so didn't take a photo of only the balm, so yeah. Sorry!
Actually, when I stalked into the MAC store I had no intention to buy anything...But ended up with this against my wish! LOL

So, uhm let me share the story first!
The very first (and disastrous) visit @ MAC I haven't written about, but since it's very instructive it will follow soon. (I say this all the time. LOL)
So, there's this guy who looks like a security guard standing in the middle of the store who wasn'T there the last time I visited. Thought it was neccessary seeing a whole metropolitan flooding the mall. (You have to literally push people away to be able to walk)
So I stalked the farthest counter and started lemming the Magic, Mirth & Mischief collection (this didn't happen yesterday, you know). As I wasn't impressed and realized I basically had most of the colors above mentioned guy approached me. You can see my opinion on my face whether I say anything or not, so I think that's why he tried to talk me into one of the palettes.
It didn't go well, mostly becoz when he didn't talk to me he stared out of the store like I wasn't there! It turned out he was the stylist there. Dressed in black, but without the apron the MAC girls wear. Actually, the more I watched him the more he seemed gay....>.< And arrogant...

Since I got pissed off being not cared of I tried to keep the guy's attention. (weird tactics, i know) Talked about how it sucks there are no sales (not like there's any elsewhere), no VIP offers for returning customers, and it's still cheaper for me to shop online and get my stuffs mailed here from the other side of the world! #_#
So he said it's not sure yet, but there might be some specials for returning costumers next year aka 2010. HUH! I bet! Think he bluffed just to avoid the matter....

We went on and I settled on an eyebrow pencil (I'm in serious need of a new brow pencil or powder!) and it looked a matching color, but for 19.50!
Then I catched a glimpse of this small stand on the cashier counter, carrying little jars of eyepopping colors. Stormed to it and demanded to try one. LOL But since most of them seemed too strong (have you seen the fuscia one?) I picked the least vibrant one: Petting Pink. How cool is the name? ^_^

err here it looks an orangey coral, but it's a nice pink (the previous one is true to reality)

So in the store's lighting it looked like a fairy-princess-like pink sheen on my lips. Couldn't resist and asked for an unopened one. There was no need to linger there anymore, payed and floated away with a huge smile on my face and with $20.50 less on my account. LOL

Onto the actual product:

As you can it's pretty sheer, but I don't mind.

A protective emollient balm formulated with SPF 15, a sheer wash of colour and an all-natural sheen. Conditions lips, locks in moisture. Contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, vitamins A and E.
15ml (0.5 oz) for $14.50

I know a lot of you don't like to dip your fingers into the atcual material as it's not hygienic, but I don't mind. Not like I'd touch it with dirty hands anyway.

These pics were taken after I applied the conditioner on my flaky chapped lips! Good bye dryness! See? they look like well hydrated, healthy lips!
And the smell! ah the smell!!! Heavenly! I don't know if it's the almond or shea, maybe the avocado, but I know it's irresistibly sweet! And not just the scent! It tastes sweet too! ^.^

Having SPF too is topping the perfection! I have a feeling of prchasing more of this lip conditioner...and in more bold colors! =D

Congrats to those who read till this point! *claps*
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