Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm back! - L'Occitane Shea Butter Mini Hand Cream

Now I'm officially back!

Actually, I came home on Monday, but I had to cath up on things....sort out my mails, read your blog posts (sorry, if I didn't comment, I did read every single word!) had to play a lot on Facebook LOL
You know, such stupid sthings....

Yesterday I scored a new cam, Panasonix Lumix DMC-FS42. It's no Nikon or Canon and not a DSLR either, but daaaaaamn! It's way better than my Samsung I used so far! No more blurry pics becoz of my shaky hands! And the videos it makes are better quality too! And the colors! oooooh so much more lively! ^^
The bad thing is I can't keep it! It belongs to the office where Mom works. They usually don't need it, so I could take it, you know, "borrowed" it, but whenever they need to make photos, I have to give it back! @_@ That is, if another worker won't claim it....So now I play with it all day long! HAH
I'm baaaaad~~~~~

Now, onto the subject I wanted to show for a while now: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

I bought it before Christmas, as a present for myself LOL I went to the (only) L'Occitane store we have here with the idea to get a hand cream with a Christmas-y scent. You know, cinnamon, apple, something like that. The SA was very nice, I had to sniff like everything they had, even tho I told her I wanted only a hand cream....They didn't have anything that could have reminded me of Xmas, so I settled for this cream.

I have very dry hands (wash them too much) and rub my eyes like crazy. Cheapo hand creams cause eye irritation, so I asked for one that wouldn't hurt my eyes. The woman recommended this, with shea butter.

A super-smoothing--and best-selling--synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. Texturally pleasing balm glides on and miraculously absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. Anti-oxidizing vitamin E helps nourish. Invites even the most hard-working hands to a fresh beginning.

To tell the truth, I hate jasmine, but I put up with it, as the cream is amazing! No drug store hand creams are comparable! And I tried quite a few. My skin is smooth like a baby's after usage! mmm heavenly! And it doesn't irritate my eyes either!

The packaging is ugly IMHO. Looks like aluminim, but is plastic in fact.

I bought the travel/mini size product, as it costs 10 USD (even here, in Hungary HOOOO That's rare!) But I think that's pretty expensive for mere 30ml/1.oz!!!
The full size tube is $26, for 5.2 .oz. That's like..what? 160ml? Much better price wise!
However, spending 26 bucks for that little amount...even tho it's a miracle product...I don't think so I'd do it.

Sorry for the dent on the tube. I try to use small amounts of cream to make it last long HEHE See the pretty packaging? I didn't want to break the seal, so I waited till Xmas evening to open it LOL

Those, who shoped before at L'Occitane! Is that the normal gift wrapping or it's a Christmas theme? I'd vote for the latter, but I don't have much experience, as this hand cream was my first purchase =D

Well, have you tried other products of the brand? Are they good too? I'm not a big fan of skin care products made of natural ingredients only (synthetic ones proved to be better) but this hand cream is GOOD!
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