Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love package from Daituf

A while...a long while ago I got a love (or Bday) package from lovely-funny-awesome Daituf!
And I've been an ungrateful bitch not posting it for long......I'm SO SORRY, Dan! Luv ya! <3

Excuse the mess on my desk X_X

  • I got POCKY!!! With strawberry coat! Finally I could taste it! ^.^ You have my forever love just for giving me pocky!

  • VO5 Hot Oil hair treatments

  • Cutesy blue ribbon hair pins

  • Rimmel eyeshadow trio

  • Red Earth  pigment

  • Beauty Rush wet/dr eyeshadow and Liquid Glitter Liner

  • Cosmed Eye Treatments - anti-oxidant eyepads

  • Rimmel lipstick (about this later: eyepopping color!)

  • Sally Hansen gloss (seriously great stuff! Raving post to come!)

  • Elizabeth Arden Gel Eyeliner with brush (Love it in spite of it faults....own post to come!)

Pay attention to the envelope! One thing you need to know about Daituf is...she's.......AWESOME XDDDD

BTW that's a Sex Pot Revenge towel playing the background. If you know/like Japanese punk/rock street fashion ya know the brand!^.^


I have a series in mind, featuring certain products. But I have to come up with a name.....so don't expect anything resembling a brainstorming idea or whatnot =DDD

Lately I've been havng this vid on repeat:
If you want, watch the video in HQ here, as it ain't fit my blog =)
I wonder what's the girl's eyeshadow....at some places it looks like molten platina!^^

Who says hairy machos rule? We all know it's time for baby-faced angel-boys, riiiiiiite? HAHHA *_____*

Only that dance choreography......ugh...let's not talk about it #_#
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