Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bunny brings Spring Project

Happy Easter!
Hope you've prepared your simple red or decorated eggs already!

I have to present you a top secret of a kind...something I've never seen before. However, I have not seen way too many things in my short life.

Do you know Marina? Makeup4All's author? That kind and awesome woman, I'm glad to got to know...?
[ Oh, I'm not licking @ss....not at all XDDD ]
But really, she's great! If you haven't, drop by her blog and dig into her posts. There are soooo many things you will find whatever info you're looking for!^^

So. Marina created an online magazine! First issue is Spring.
She asked a few questions from many bloggers (some are very well known!) and I was one of them! OMIGOD! I'm flattered! ^.^ I'm so far away from what they accomplished with hard work! 
She was very secretive about what the answeres were for. Oh, If I had known I would have answered them properly, longer, with correct grammar >.< Others brought in some fantasy! Arrrgh what a shame! T_T

The main point is: go and check out her magazine! She put in a lot of effort! Show Marina how grateful we are! And support, so many more issues can be made in the future! ^.^
I already downloaded the whole magazine for myself HEHE

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