Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hiatus announcement & Sofina Primavista Clear Cover Base review

First of all, I will be away for at least a week! I need to be hospitalized because of treatment and it may last for two weeks, depending on the doctor's decision.
I will not have net connection from Monday (Jan 18) on, but I'll be sure to check and reply every comment, so do contact me! Email add is on the right sidebar -->

I'll be back as soon as possible, so don't forget about me! ;D

Thank you!


And now onto beauty related things.
Here is Sofina Primavista Clear Cover Base. The Sofina line belongs to Kao and although not the most expensive on the market, definitely not cheap. This makeup base is part of the 2009 spring-summer collecion.

Lacking sufficient information all I can say as product details:
It has SPF20 PA++

Not much, right?
Well, I have not much good to say about the product based on my experiences either. Blair has better opinion, so read her blog post too.
Personally I saw no poreless result, and the little redness I have on my cheeks (thankfully less and less) remained too. About keeping foundation in place for long....? Hmm kept there. Nothing spectacular. I still prefer Lunasol's base. I'll do a review of it when I'm back!
Good to know it has sun protection, but the fact that topped with liquid foundation it run on my nose was not good! What I mean? I slided to the base of my nose, under my nostrils, forming a huge wrinkle/line!!! I've never seen anything like that! And this happens only when using Primavista Clear Cover Base!

It's blended downwards...

The texture is light, easy to blend and goes on transparent. Or it fits too perfectly for me to see >.<
Apart the creasing, I'd be a happy owner of this makeup base.

21g of product costs $38 at Facial-shop.
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