Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yves Rocher Culture Bio Awakening Cream

A new youthful radiance, all day long. Stimulate and revive the radiance of your skin. Ideally moisturized, protected and replenished with vitality, your face is radiant, your skin luminous.
A soft, non-oily cream with the invigorating fragrance of Peppermint.
11 organic plant extracts combine their natural properties to stimulate the senses, hydrate and protect the skin against external attack. Make-up is easier to apply, you are assured of a radiant complexion.
Ideally hydrated and protected, your skin looks radiant. It radiates vitality. Excellent as a base for make-up, it ensures a luminous color.

Yves Rocher's Culture Bio line is promising. Or should I say, it's better than the general products? To tell the truth, I'm more of a "synthetic-whore" than a "bio-lover". I find the products made of synthetic material or rather mixed-and-altered-to-the-utmost-and-not-anymore-natural-substances workbest for me. Somehow the so called "bio" items do nothing or very little for my skin, yet, I keep giving chance to them.
This Awakening Cream (or Wake Up Cream in other countries) is one of these bio stuffs.
It's not bad, hydrates and all, but...there's no "boom" you know, that something about a cream that makes you charmed. Unless it's the scent one's enchanted by. The description says it's peppermint, I had found it more like camphor. I was worried at first, for my eyes not tolerating anything scented near them. Fortunately this cream did not irritate my eyes! YEY
One 50ml tube (1.7 oz) costs $27 or £12 which I still find slightly much for a cream doing nothing special, just being a decent moisturizer, but there are big sales going on all the time at Yves Rocher, so if you're a lover of organic skin care and need a good moisturizer (and not taken aback form the scent of peppermint or camphor), then wait for such a sale and grab an Awakening Cream.
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