Monday, October 12, 2009

Bourjois Paris Sparkling Eyeliner (Regard Pailleté) #32. Brun Flamboyant

High time for a review of Bourjois' Sprakling Eyeliner aka Regard Pailleté that I mentioned in a previous post. The color is Brun flamboyant. A warm brown with golden sparkles.

I tried to catch the exact color on the photos, with not much success. In the left pic you can see the glitters, while the brown is a bit cooler. In the right pic the brown is more true to the color it turns in my eyelids. Now try to mix the colors in your head, please.

I was very pleased when I started using it. I expected it to be crappy quality, for the price of $7.5. I know it's not a widely accessable brand, but definitely a must try! It's good! At least this liner.

I tried the normal eyeliners too in the store, but they were super hard, and I almost scratched holes into my skin just to get the color to show up....@_@ Thus I went for these creamy eyeliners. Normally I wouldn't use glettery liners, but I wanted to try it.

Light up your eyes in dazzling colour with Regard Pailleté! The new soft, smooth and supple formula enriched with natural waxes, makes these pencils incredibly easy to apply, gliding gently over the eyelid.

It's indeed easy to apply and work with it due to it's softness. This means you can easily rub it off. So, don't rub your eyelids! You wouldn't, right? If you don't then it stays put for long-long hours without running or any other problem! Amazing!
You can try it on your lower lashline too, but I don't recommend. It stays there decently too, but some smearing is expected by time. My eyes tend to shred off everything from the lower lids, so this smearing was nothing unexpected.
One more thing, the glitters are a bit large for my liking. They are not huge, by any means, don't be afraid, I'm just someone who prefers sparkling stuffs to be hyper-super finely milled, to the extent you can't even see the particles.

Anyone, who's warm toned and has the chance to buy Bourjois things, I recommend this eyeliner. I can pull off neutral and cool toned makeup, warms are a bit off on me. Although, cool girls, let's experiment with warm eye makeup!
I'm incoherent...I should go to bed.
The end....

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