Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Essence @Holografics.com Collection

Since I'm moving to Georgia I need to think over carefully what makeup I'm bringing along...I can't just pack  everything I own, right? First, becoz I'd easily surpass the allowed  weight I'm allowed to take and two, I hardly use many of the Essence stuffs. You know, Essence makeup is either a winner or a total crap, but anyway it's not pro enough to use on others. Well, I'm not packing crap, thus tons of them have to stay and since I haven't reviewed most of them, I'll try to post them in bunches (if poosible).

So, this Holografics collection came out late summer-early fall this year (2011) and was so-so IMHO. The most interesting thing was the body oil, but I didn't buy it coz the amount was too much if I found it useless...@_@  I screwed up big time with the refreshing spray from the You Rock collection, but that's another post...  

These are the things I bought: 

I can't find the nail polish anymore....wonder where it went....>_< Well, it wasn't good anyway...Dunno its name without the actual product, but if you ever find this in a left-over sale somewhere only buy it if you need a top coat that gives your basic nail polish a nice twist by the holographic sheen it creates. Click on the photo to see it in better quality.

The 2 eyeshadows I choose are 01 Gagalectric (blue) and 02 Lilac. Yes, you see it right, Gagalectric XDDD
Their texture is like mousse, buttery. I'd say applying with finger is preferred as brushes and these creams are not the best friends I'd seen. However, this way don't expect precise, detailed application.

Pigmentation is low to medium. No matter how hard you pack on you won't get a perfect coverage. From some angles you'll still 'see through' the shadow. They are wearable colors...until you go out onto the direct summer sunlight. Then you realise these are for either winter (but then these colors for winter?) or hot summer night parties!
But not without a strong primer! That is a must for these to stay in place.^^ 

The lipgloss is 02 Holoberry. Why berry? There's nothing berry colored in this!? Anyway, it's not sticky, sweet-smelling (but you won't feel it on your lips), the pink base color is sheer and the holographic particles produce a very interesting effect when light hits them. The pink, green and blue paricles make a kind of silver-foiled look. You have to see it in real life to understand what I mean.

Finally the Holographic Eyeliners. The blue one is 01 Blue Ray and the white one is 02 Prism@tic white.
My favourite of the two is Blue Ray. It's not too sparkling so I can wear it anytime and it gives a little ooomph to my eye-look. Pigmentation is better than medium, still, you might want to go over the blue line a second time.
They are surprisingly good! I expected them to smear all around my face but they didn't! They held up well in hot weather too! :) 
Okay, don't rub them and use e/s primer, but they are still keepers!^_^ 

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