Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moving abroad

I have a major announcement. As stated in the title, I'm moving abroad. Next month. I only have 3 more weeks till then. And the destination is Georgia. No, not the US Georgia, but the country Georgia.

It's sudden and I have a hard time deciding which makeup stuffs to bring along....I don't want to pack everything but what if I leave something at home and then I will want to use that one? Also, I'm afraid of the cargo damaging know, the nightmare of seeing your favourite and/or expensive makeup shattered.
I stocked up with bubble wraps, but I have a feeling that I will want to wrap every single thing in 10 layers of bubble wrap XDDD
I will let you know when I 've settled in the new place and what brands could be found in Georgia. I suspect not many great brands are present......f#ck! T___T
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