Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Maqillage Eyes Creator 3D (GY865)

I had high hopes for this palette. One, because its brand, two, coz its price. And i have to say it didn't meet my expectations. Many people love it, and personally i think they overreact it.

I had it in GY865 which should be greyish (?) but found it rather brown. I gave it away and now i regret doing so. I did have things i liked about it.

First of all it looks soooooo good! And I love when an extra applicator is included. Especially if it's a brush. hehe

The mirror is a waste of money imo, i never use them. Ever. In any product. May be because I have terrible eyesight and without my glasses i can only use magnifying mirrors to see clearly what I do >.<

Onto the colors....they do look good, but once in on you they turn much lighter. Have the usual sparkly, glittery outcome, but definitely not overdone, so you won't look like a glitterball in sunlight.

I had the biggest problem with the white highlighter...It was chalky! And couldn't apply it properly, coz it always stayed uneven. Big white parts here, hardly anyting there. Dunno if it's caused by my stupid skin or what, but it was very annoying.

The 3 eyeshadows were ok. Gave a nice glow to my eyes, but i wanted something stronger or darker. I wish I had done some shots while i had the chance. But found a pic what should it look like on.
Nice, huh? Nah that's something you won't get. The liner looks brown, right? But the one it the palett is black! A veeeery nice, glittery black tho. Put on with a proper eyeliner brush, it's a killer! But it aslo smeared off a lot. Basically everything I've tried so far in my life gave me racoon eyes, so I gave up on finding the perfect liner. So it doesn't mean everyone will have the same problem. Once it totally disappeared, leaving nothing in its place or under my eyes. Very weird o_O Must be applying it with a sponge applicator. Sounds stupid, I know, but I didn't do anything special that day to indicate this to happen.
As I've said the shadows are more brown than grey and give a warm and light color on the lids. And they don't crease. I experienced only a little creasing after several hours in very warm weather (and most of it stayed put in its place), which is unusual for my eye-shadow-creasing-lover eyes.
Overall Eyes Creator 3D is a good e/s palette, although I didn't fall in love. For those with no trouble maker eyes it might be a great product.
If you happen to find a sale of it give it a try! I wouldn't pay the whole price if not neccessary.
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