Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kanebo KATE Liquid Foundation

Kanebo KATE Liquid Foundation can cover pores and ruddy areas, and brighten your complexion. The sebum absorbing powder in Kanebo KATE Liquid Foundation helps prevent makeup melting and maintain a smooth complexion all day long.

I love this foundation!^^ And as I saw everyone does around the net. It's cheap (bought it for US$13 at Gooddealer) and does what it promises!

I don't know about covering redness, since I don't have any red spot, thankfully, but I do know it feels like nothing's on the face, stays put all day long not going anywhere, and by 6 hours my skin doesn't look dull. It stays "smooth".

I use it mainly under my cheekbones and jawline, on the sides of my nose, since I use 2 foundation every play with the shadows.

It blends perfectly. I got it in OC-D. Thought it'd be a perfect darker shade, but when I opened my mail I was shocked.
It looks too dark compared to my skin....

And yellow....but WoW!!! A miracle! Maybe I could use it as an overall foundation, now that I got a bit tanned.

It has sunsreen too! SPF18 (not 15, neither's 18 LOL never seen it before). So this would be wise to do since my lighter foundation has no sun protection #_#

I'd recommend it to anyone. Good for dry skin because it moisturizes (never hurt my jawline which is dry), and good for oily skin = no break out on my oily nose

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