Saturday, July 11, 2009

FANCL Sunguard

New Sunguard 30 that is gentle on the skin and powerful on the sun. It is absolutely UV absorbent free, and the active ingredients, Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are coated with skincare essence to retain moisture on the skin for long hours. The improved Sunguard 30 spreads better than ever leaving no streaks on your skin. Powerfully resistant to water and sebum, it is recommended to use indoor & outdoor. Use on your face and body, and under makeup. I've been using this for only a few days so far, but I have to bow down for it! It's great! Using it alone or under make-up doesn't matter, it does the job just as great. A 2 in 1 sunguard. LOL Use on body or face~

It looks like any sun protector cream, white, fine liquidy creme, but once applied on skin, it leaves no oily residue like many others do. Absorbes quickly and doesn't interfere with the following make-up.

Now it's less than US$30 on Bobodave!^^ A great deal for the summer!
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