Monday, January 31, 2011

Artdeco Perfect Volume Waterproof Mascara

I hate work! I really do! It's crazy now, I wish the year starting craziness would stop.

Back in April I was totally excited over a concert and wanted to buy a super strong waterproof mascara and an eyeliner. The concert was awesome in autumn and both of the items worked well.
First I'm reviewing the mascara I bought and thankfully throw away a long ago: Artdeco Perfect Volume Mascara, the waterproof version.

Description: "This Perfect Volume Mascara waterproof with special brush gives your lashes extra volume. The special brush makes fine lashes thicker, while the mascara is particularly waterproof. It is quick-drying and enables a very simple and precise application. The lashes stay supple and flexible. The color application is intense, without sticking the lashes together. The mascara can be removed easily with an oily eye make-up remover.
Suitable for contact lens wearers. Fragrance-free."

Packaging is okay, the cap on the brush wand closes right, but the mascara itself has a disturbing plastic smell. It doesn't linger, it just smells bad when sniffing the wand or the hole on the tube.

The brush: When I first opened it at home I knew that it sucked big time! With that shape I always had uncovered lashes and mascara smeared on my eyelids while applying.

Is it a volumizing mascara? Not in any way! Only if you dare say that a mascara that paints your fair lashes black is a volumizing mascara! That's only making them appear, like...."OMG I see some lashes-wanna-be things on your eyes!"

Sorry for the unplucked eyebrows and the concealer sat into the fine lines...
On this closed-eyed pic poor lashes might even look decent, but they aren't! There's no use of layering the mascara, it won't add volume, just ugly spider legs if you go overboard.

Beware, a frightening sight! Close-up shot!

Do the lashes stay flexible? Yeah, to the point that the tips of the lashes flop down. Even after the first coat. The above pic was taken after about 2 max 3 minutes of applying and the tips are  flopping down already. After 5 to 10 minutes the flopping reaches its maximum and is much worse than on the photo. I kept on chipping those flopping ends down with my nails. (no, not my lashes, just the mascara! Don't you go and have a heart attack!)

Does it fold a curl? No, not at all!

It is suitable for contact lens wearers. I did used this with lenses and it didn't cause any problem.

As for removing, it comes off with oil cleansers, but any other way means rubbing your eyes out from the sockets! XD
Oh, and it is waterproof survived pretty well  a hot concert full of sweats!^^

  • lashes stay soft
  • good for contact lens wearers
  • waterproof
  • smells bad
  • doesn't hold a curl
  • tips flop down
  • no volume
  • hard to remove
  • can't reach the lashes properly in the corners
  • smears mascara on the eyelid
Here it costs ~16USD

Would I recommend it? NO!
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