Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover

Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover  is a two phase makeup remover, kind of like the famous Bi-facil by Lancome. Even the color of the liquid is similar. But is it as good as the muse?

Description: "BOURJOIS’ EXPRESS EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER removes all types of eye make-up, whether heavily pigmented or waterproof, with a single wipe!
Its fresh, non-greasy, two-phase formula gently cleans with the first wipe of the cotton pad.
- 1st phase: oils concentrated with cleansing agents to remove all make-up effortlessly, even waterproof!
- 2nd phase: the water phase leaves the skin feeling fresh, without any unpleasant greasy sensations
Tested under ophthalmological control, this formula protects the lashes, the delicate skin of the eyelids and the fragile rim around the eye."

Does it remove waterproof eye makeup? - Yes
Is it non-greasy? - No. It's like rubbing oil onto your skin. And not the nice way like cleansing oils do.
Does it clean easily, with the first wipe? - No, not even the non-waterproof stuff. Best trick is to keep the soaked cotton pad on your eye for a few minutes then start wiping. With some nasty hardcore waterproof mascara I had to rub it to get the mascara off.
Does it leave skin fresh, without greasy sensations? - No! It leaves a disgusting, filmsy oil residue, that you have to get off.
Was it tested under ophthalmological control? - Seriously? I doubt. If it was, this wouldn't have happened to me:

Do you see that huge bump? Now, that itched like hell and didn't want to go away. Its surface was scratchy and dry and the doc wasn't able to determinate what it was. She gave me an antibiotic cream which helped and the bump disappeared. Until I started to put on eye makeup again. As the doc said it was probably a reaction to a product I used on my eyes, except I didn't have any new stuff, so why was it happening all of a sudden?
I thought about checking the ingredients of everything I could and while I never paid attention to parabens I learned my lesson and will never forget.
Parabens never caused me any problem, and many stuffs I own have them. Even the expensive ones my skin loves.
But you know what? Express Eye Makeup Remover has only 12 ingredients and two of them are parabens (methyl and ethylparaben). And they aren't the last ones among the ingredients, so there's more of them than in other products that have 20-30 ingredients and parabens are on the end of the list.

The fact that using waterproof mascara every day which meant rubbing this shit into my eyes to remove it must have been the catalyst to having a "triple eyelid".

Many asian girls strive to have double eyelids instead of monolids, and here I am with triple eyelids! XDDDD

Now I'm completely off the stuff and have normal eyes again, but those days while I had to go to work with this alien egg were really stressful and humiliating! Imagine a girl with an eye double the size of the other eye tring to hide from the world >.> 

The conclusion? If you want save yourself a horrible 2-3 weeks keep away from this makeup remover of Bourjois! ^.^

Note: Sorry for showing such bare and ugly pics of my eyes, but if I can help even one person falling victim to the Bourjois Liquid Devil then I'm relieved!
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