Saturday, January 1, 2011


Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

In the year end frenzy I did spend some extra cash I shouldn't have, but I do like the outcome. Let's take a peek at what I got for myself:

Lush Relax Take A Bath box with 3 products, a bathbomb, a body butter -I think- and a.....dunno what it's called, I wasn't able to identify it even tho there's a booklet included which shows all the products you might find in the box =.=

Just a minor e-bay shopping for Kose oil absorbing papers.

After falling in love with Juvena's On The Move cream I decided to try their other products too, thus I bought a (Christmas) coffret of day and mini night cream of Juvena.

My very first encounter with the highly raved brand....2 (+1 free gift) Sigma brushes =)
All I can say before actually using them is....LOVE the feel of these bushes!

Instant eyeshadow! For those who suck terribly at makeup application. (Sorry...) It looks fun so I couldn't pass it on and never try it XD I have a feeling it's gonna look horrible on me XD

Lierac Phytrel bust firmer gel and Micro-abrasion smoothing cream. After the first use I already have a positive opinion, but we will see in a few weeks of usage ;)

Not shown is an Yves Rocher Inositol Végétal eye cream.

And finally, some Swissological samples =)
That's all. Hope I will be able to avoid negative reviews =)

Have a very successful year of 2011!
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