Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Juvena On The Move (HG portable cream)

It's rare for me to blog about brand new things. There are more than enough bloggers out there who rave about anything hot on the shelves during the first days of release. Usually I don't believe the recommendations of magazines...you know, they get paid for recommending the products they get for free. Same promo as the actual advertisements.

This time I saw this unique gem and couldn't get it out of my head. I just HAD to have it! >.< Yes, I'm crazy! No testing with samples (if possible), no reading reviews, nothing.
The first weekend I had the time I run to the department stores. HAH One didn't carry the brand anymore. WTF??! So I checked the other and voilá....they even had huge sales! (up to 60%...I had a hard time resisting $20-25 Dior and Chanel lippies! That's a friggin' good price here^^)

Juvena On-The-Move was 22% off, so I paid ~$60 instead of $75. Still a bit much for my liking, but what do I expect from quality brands?
BTW, the prices I've seen netwide are go from about €77 to €108! Are they crazy? 108 Euros? [That's about 150 dollars!] Even €77 is way too much! It's only a 15ml compact, not the usual 50ml!!! Dammit!

Let me know if you've seen this cream, what is its price in other countries! I'd have a heart attack if other places got it for more.

Enough of ranting, now, onto the product. Finally, right? =D

Description: The first anti-aging cream to go for the face by JUVENA. Based on the JUVENA unique SkinNova SC Technology*, this cream with its extraordinary consistency improves skin’s quality. In combination with the innovative Light Shadow Equalizer it helps to reduce small shadows, lines and wrinkles and gives a freshly-treated feeling on demand. For a silky-matt complexion and freshly-treated feeling – anytime, anywhere. Like newly created.

Pretty packaging.

Juvena is a Swiss skin-care company concentrating on anti-aging. The brnad name Juvena comes from the Latin word 'juvenails' which means youthfulness. As they say, Juvena is for women whose time is now.

Short description on the box.

Pretty light golden plastic case. To open the lid, you have to move the black switch to the left and back to close the compact.

Usage: Apply a small amount all day as needed with your fingertips or brush. Tip: Keep your brush dry. Clean brush with a dry tissue. Remove all traces of cream by wiping brush thoroughly.


It's like a foundation or powder compact, right? =] The brush is super soft, picks up enough cream and delivers it perfectly to the skin.

Flip up the lid holding the brush, and there you can find the goodness. 15ml of cream. Not much, but this isn't for the daily morning routine but to carry around and touch up if you feel it needed.
The mirror inside is big enough to see yourself, but since it's not magnifying and my eyes are bad I don't like to use it.
Close up of the cream.

While tearing off the golden paper covering the cream it touched the cream's surface that's why there are those marks. If you click on the pic and look closely you can see (barely) very veeeery small pink particles or rather sheen in this photo. They can't be seen unless light hits them in a given direction. Even then they are hardly there. 

• SkinNova SC Technology*
• Energizing Juvitacell
• Filling hyaspheres
• Skin-tone-balancing Light Shadow Equalizer
* A symbiosis of SkinNova Technology and StemCell Peptide

I tried to catch the full ingredients list, but because of the box's golden covering this is the best shot I could do. Good luck with reading! *evil grin*

And now, let me rave....It's f*cking good!
As I've mentioned this is to be used during the day, when:
  • you feel stressed due to work
  • or you feel like you're simply tired,
  • want to touch up your base makeup
  • see your oily parts shine up.
Yes, you have your makeup on, with foundation, setting powder, blush, anything else you may put on. And you take On The Move out and swipe a little (and I mean a little!) on your face. No it really doesn't destroy your makeup! I was afraid it would, but it doesn't! I don't know how it does it, but nothing budges! wow!

It also really makes my face look fresh, like it is in the morning, and I slept a lot, am healthy and I'm happily waiting for new adventures! Smooth, strong and hydrated skin rulez!
Ugh, I'm sounding cheesy XD
Whether you believe me or not, I like to look into the mirror after using this! ^_^;

Another good thing is it keeps my shiny forehead under control! If it becomes oily around 10-12am I swipe it across and I can say goodbye to oiliness.
Too good to be true, right? I can only imagine how my skin would be like if I used the complimentary skin-care items too recommended: MasterCream, MasterCream Eye&Lip, Instant Optimal-look Mask.

I hate to say this, but I L.O.V.E. Juvena's On-Th-Move Cream! *.* I can't find any fault to it and want to use it for the rest of my life! Finally, after work I don't go home looking like a zombie who hasn't slept  for weeks!

On a side note, you're advised to clean your brush with a dry tissue to keep away harmful bacteria causing zits, etc. but we all know that's not enough. A tissue paper? For real? I'd say clean this brush the same way you clean your foundation, eyeshadow, blush brushes! ^.^
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