Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lancome Color Fever Shine Lipstick

Before I start the actual review I have to share my adventures in Douglas Parfumery where I bought this lipstick.
I mentioned before that I have to travel between DV and GY. That means I have to go to the capital where the bigger brands have stores. They usually have only one flag store, and some parfumeries carry their counters. Like Douglas, Marionnaud and some Müller. The closest such shop is in Arena Mall: Douglas. They have YSL, Dior, Chanel, Lancome,Shiseido, Clarins and Estee Lauder counters. Also has Bourjois, Art Deco and BeYu counters, but those are irrelevant now. I can buy them cheaper elsewhere.

So there I go, 2 months of allowance on my account, ready to spend it all, then have my head shout off by Mom. Go into Douglas, pass my heavy bags to the cashier to take care of, grab a cart and boom, I'm spotted by a SA immediately. Great, I'll have myself pampered by this woman I thought to myself.
I tell her that I want a lipstick that's brownish, but not true brown or anything dark, since they look horrible on me. I want something "fallish". I make it obvious that I do NOT need lipglosses! I have enough and for winter I want something that will not stick into my scarf leaving nothing on my lips.
I say show me everything from the luxury brands, so we go around, this unsympathetic SA swatching everything on HER hand! Not mine....her! I tell her to check some eyeshadow palettes too. Even though I know they are overpriced and am not gonna buy any....

So she grabs a brush (some pretty ugly and crap-looking quality one) and swatches the shadows on her hand (again!), but she doesn't bother removing them when there's no more place. Even though we pass by many tissue boxes. She keeps swatching them on each other!!!!!! So the colors merge and I still oooh and aaaah every time!

Then comes her worst move! She never removed the excess from the brush, so after several purple, black, brown shades she just swirls it into a sparkly white pan and draws a line on her hand!!!!
Are you kidding me??? The color comes out I can't describe!!!!

At this moment I have high doubts about her mental qualities. Anyway, we continue to look for THE lipstick I would fall in love. We restricted it to two contestants: Lancome and a Dior which looked amazing in the tube and on HER hand. I angled for this one. But once I tried it on, I was assured it wasn't what I wanted. So I told her that I wanted to try on the Lancome one. And you know what?????

SHE FUCKING MADE A FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turned and brought the lipstick. She made a face!!! You fucking ugly bitch! (she WAS ugly!) How dare you make faces at a customer?????? Be glad I'm willing to buy a shitty lipstick for $38!!!!!!

I wasn't helding her up! It's her work to serve me, the customer! And while it's true I'm indecisive, I was narrowing down my hits in record time. We only went around the counters once and I immediately picked the two lippies I liked the most! Most of the customers go in, put on makeup/parfume and leave. Without buying anything!

Am I overreacting? Tell me!
My Mom was so angry at me buying anything after such behaviour >.< I didn't dare to tell her I made a small haul in MAC too T_T

Aaaaaanywaaaaay, onto the "shitty lipstick" I bought for $38...You see it right. Not 25 bucks but 38! +/- 2USD depending on exchange rates.

Lancome Color Fever Shine - 204 Blazing Amber

Actually it looked better on me in the store. With natural light it's completely different. More of a warm color, which I try to avoid >.<"
Here are the swatches:
In non-existent autumn daylight:

With flash:

On lips:

It has plenty of gold sparkles, but I couldn't capture it on the photos. Anway, I happen to like the color.
And, oh, it has a bit of rose-oil scent. But not much, so it doesn't disturbes my senses. [I hate rose-oil scent BTW]

I think this color, Blazing Amber was discontinued or an LE, dunno, because I can't find it on Lancome's website.

Did you read the prelude or skipped it?
Just wait until my MAC adventures! HAH That's something of a mixture of funny-sad-blood-boiling.....
And this happened on the same day....
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