Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Albion EXCIA Make Up Serum

Here is one of my favourite makeup bases up to date. Albion EXCIA Makeup Serum.
First of all, I couldn't find a proper (English) product info. I bought mine from Bobodave, but they do not seem to carry it anymore. Other stuffs from Albion are still up tho. Mine is a travel/mini size, since the full size 30g product costs 7000 yen. That's like 77USD. I'm not crazy enough to purchase a base for that much.....not even a foundation!

The only other thing I could find in the Japanese product info is this has SPF 18 PA++

I love the packaging! Simple and black. Isn't that a winner combination?
For that much money you'd expect good quality, right? This one is it! I was so relieved to see it's not some sh*t wrapped in brand name. phew~

The toning of this picture is rather red/warm, but I wanted to capture how (lightly) pinkish the serum is. Oh, wait! Why serum? Why not base? o_O" Nevermind....Japanese!
So, the texture is light. Almost watery and spreads fast. It soaks in a bit slow for my taste, but I can live with it. Your skin won't be pink from it though. Once blended, it's totally translucent!
Like a canvas, this keeps foundation in place. My foundation remained more fresh with this for a longer time than without it.
However my judgement is no law. I used it mainly with a MUFE foundation, and rarely with others, so it did not go through perfect testing.

If Bobodave is willing to put this up again on their site, I'm sooo gonna buy more! ^.^

PS: I'm considering trying Albion's whitening stuffs too....Of, Fortuna! Smile down at me! ^.^
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